Prayer Is Power

One big way that you can support our camps is through prayer. This kind of support can be done at any time and any place. We invite you to join us in prayer for each of our camps, and also to rejoice with us for the ways that God is already providing! You can find below, prayer and praise items leading into our 2018 camp season. If you are able to meet any of these needs in a practical way, please contact the camp directly.

We are coming to the Lord and pleading that He would use our ground this spring and summer as a place of mobilization. We want to see our staff and our campers drawn close, raised up, and SENT out. We are longing to see a passion for God’s glory among the nations to stir in our adults, students, and kids, that they would leave this training ground with God’s (co)mission and call stamped upon them in new and and unquestionable ways.

Please pray and petition with us for…

  • The Grand Forks community as they endure this season of serious flooding. Pray that He would be most glorified in it all and that many would turn to Christ as their anchor in these times of suffering.

  • Our Pines staffing needs, that the Lord would provide more cabin leaders (male senior cabin leaders to be specific), a second lifeguard, more support staff for our summer dish-pit and more volunteers for our kitchen.

  • That camper registrations would continue to increase, and that SO many campers would be present to hear the Gospel this summer.

  • That the Lord would prompt those He that He has called to give, that our camp would be sustained and carried through a financially trying season.

We are praising Him for…

  • The opportunity to accommodate the many fire fighters in town right because of the floods. A huge financial blessing and a sweet opportunity for ministry to a type of group that we don’t typically have around camp.

  • The many volunteers that keep contributing for kitchen help, mowing lawns, painting cabins etc.

  • A great, passionate, able, hungry program staff team that He has put together for us this year.

  • That the floods waters are finally receding.

Please pray and petition with us for…

  • Pray for the staff of Stillwood as the team is going through a major leadership change.

  • Pray for Stillwood as we continue to search for Male cabin staff

  • Pray for Stillwoods finances as there are debts that need to be paid off.

We are praising Him for…

  • Praise that camp registrations are much higher than usual at this time of year.

  • Praise God for our open house that saw Stillwood host almost 1400 people to the camp in May

Over the past few weeks some of Stillwood’s senior summer staff along with our new director and the program staff came up with 5 core values that we want to fashion this summer after:

  • Jesus Christ: That everything we do will be in the name of and under the banner of Jesus Christ

  • Spiritual Growth and Discipleship: That we work to share the gospel, and enable spiritual growth – both in the campers and staff of Stillwood

  • Inclusive Staff Community: Strive to make Stillwood a place where everyone is welcome, belongs, and can use their gifts for Gods kingdom

  • Love: That we do all that we do in Love

  • Communication: That the we foster an environment of good and true communication.

Here at Gardom we went straight from winter to summer, we think Spring was on a Wednesday. It has been very exciting as we have had a Maintenance Matters weekend to help us get ready for our school groups and spring rentals. We had 40 people from our local churches show up and get us great strides ahead in our preparations (from Willow Park, KGF, River of Life, and Valleyview). We just finished our annual Run Walk Cycle fundraiser where we had 82 participants come out and raise just over $29,000.00 to help us keep our camper costs down. We love the fact we have so many school groups come through in the Spring and have the opportunity to invite them back for summer camp. We have the privilege of seeing and serving over 3500 kids come through Gardom this year. We are still looking for people or groups of volunteers to take on projects around our camp.

Please pray and petition with us for…

  • That we will be a salt and light to our school groups, that many of these kids will come out for the Summer, so we can share the Gospel with them.

  • Safety for our Staff and the kids that come out to camp.

  • Pray that the God’s Spirit will already be working on the hearts of our Staff and the campers that are going to be out this year.

  • Prayer for next steps to continue on our lodge expansionsand that summer preparations would continue to go well.

We are praising Him for…

  • That many kids are applying for camp

  • That we have a great team in place for the Spring and Summer

  • That we have a full Spring of school groups coming through

  • That the floods waters are finally receding.


Our Hope and prayer at Gardom Lake this Summer would be that both staff and campers sense and know God in a profound way. That there would be an anchor point moment that reminds people of God’s overwhelming love for them.

Please pray and petition with us for…

  • Critical Staff needs include:  Rock Climbing Directors (x2)

  • Critical Staff needs include:  CLT Directors for CLT B (July 21 – Aug 10, preferably a married couple)

  • Critical Staff needs include: Two more weeks of volunteer Nurses

  • Critical Staff needs include: Volunteer Weekend Cooks

We are praising Him for…

  • We have lots of male Program Staff (bonus this year)

  • June is booked up with School groups

  • Camps are 87% full

  • Our 2018 Projects list is slowly being completed.

Goals for Summer 2018:  Our Theme is “Created for a Purpose”.  We hope and pray that campers (and staff alike) will discover their God created identity and purpose, recognizing the significance of who they are, and that God has a special interest in them as the unique individual He has created.  We anticipate amazing breakthroughs in the lives of campers and youth as they discover the reality of a relationship with Jesus Christ.

If any of you other Camp Directors know of people / staff who could help fill our needs, please let us know or direct them our way.

Thanks, and have a fantastic Summer filled with God stories and amazing experiences!

We strongly anticipate what the 2018 season will be! With missing out on the 2017 summer camp season due to the wildfires, we cannot wait to bring fun, memories, mentorships and Jesus to our staff and campers! We are eager to see what God will do this year as the peace of Jesus brings a different meaning to those facing anxiety after the hardships of 2017 in that community.

Please pray and petition with us for…

  • We are excited that we are going to be running summer camp again this year, and we want God to show up in meaningful, life changing ways. We desire to make him known to this hurting community after such a hard 2017 season

  • We are still in need of another lifeguard

  • That our leadership staff would be united in the mission of camp, and as staff we’d be excited to proclaim Jesus in word and deed

We are praising Him for…

  • We have Wildfire Bursary that is being used for families who cannot afford camp due to the costs they accrued over the 2017 summer with evacuations. We are excited to offer camp to all campers and have them experience Jesus, new friends and memories while being with us for a week!

  • We have quite a strong, gifted and mature leadership team of staff. This is exciting as the conversations with campers will have wisdom, kindness and Gospel focused.

Thanks so much for taking the time to pray for our camps!

Check out our camp websites to see how you can get more involved!